About National Urea Cycle Disorders Foundation

Founded in 1988 by a handful of UCD families, the National Urea Cycle Disorders Foundation is a nonprofit organization leading the fight to conquer urea cycle disorders. Committed to saving children and adults from the catastrophic effects of UCDs, NUCDF is a lifeline to families and medical professionals all over the word seeking crisis intervention and treatment information. NUCDF is truly an international organization - our members include UCD families in over 40 countries.

Our Vision is a Cure for urea cycle disorders and a world where no child or adult perishes or suffers from UCD. Our mission consists of a comprehensive approach to fight UCD on all fronts, including stimulating and supporting critical research, educating families and medical professionals about the disorder, raising awareness so no child or adult suffers or dies undiagnosed, and providing a caring and supportive community for all those affected by UCD.

We believe knowledge is power in the fight against UCD—whether it’s researchers seeking life-saving treatments, healthcare professionals looking to give the best possible care, parents who want the best possible quality of life for their child, or individuals with UCD who want to understand what’s happening to them and learn how to take control of their disorder. Collaboration and unity are the keys to our ability to stimulate and support research, and working together as a community to save lives.

We have so many reasons for hope — new and improved treatments, increased awareness and diagnosis, the dedication of our researchers, the passion of our community, the resilience of our families around the world, and the incredible spirit of our UCD children and adults who are surviving and thriving.

Our dream is for a cure…and we can’t rest until we find it. Come join us and help make this dream a reality.

 For more information about urea cycle disorder or the Foundation, please visit us www.CureUCD.org or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Saving Lives through Research, Education, Awareness and Support
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